Tonight I Dined: Houston Sauce Co.

A few days ago I hit up the Houston Sauce Co. truck that was parked at Crumbville, TX. It took a lot of restraint not to indulge in my favorite giant Oreo cookie. That cookie sandwich is massive and addictive.

Houston Sauce Co. began with sauces (makes sense), and has been rolling around in an all-vegan food truck for a few months now. This was my first time catching them, and I ordered the Boudin empanada ($5). Their menu rotates daily but offerings include Frito pie, Philly cheesesteak, Cajun onion rings, kale salad, and cauliflower buffalo wings with a few different sauces. This is definitely "treat yourself" cuisine.

The empanada was piping hot from the fryer and incredibly crispy. It was stuffed with Cajun seasoned rice (and I think some mock meat). There was a ton of flavor. I don't know if this taste like real Boudin, because I went vegan long before I moved down south where I could get it. The empanada was drizzled with a spicy remoulade sauce that I managed to get all over my face. Needless to say, I enjoyed this very much. I hope to catch them again to sample more of their offerings! Check their Instagram for their weekly schedule if you want to indulge yourself!