Tonight I Dined: MALK BevBar

Houston's first (and only) 100% vegan coffee bar opened a few months ago...and I just got around to checking it out. Now, I would have gone opening day because I love a good coffee shop experience, but MALK BevBar isn't really a place to go hang out with your laptop and browse the interwebs. It's actually located inside the Snap Kitchen on Kirby Drive, and I don't recall seeing any chairs or outlets. They also have very limited hours, so definitely check before you go. This is more of a grab and go coffee place, which certainly fits the milieu of Snap Kitchen.

The MALK BevBar exclusively uses MALK, a local Houston vegan nut milk purveyor. I've bought a bottle of MALK once, and it was was just a little too pricey to buy regularly with so many cheap competitors on the shelf. However, if buying local and supporting small businesses is your jam, MALK is where it's at.

At the BevBar I ordered a matcha latte with maple pecan milk. It had that perfect amount of earthniess from the green tea balanced by a slight maple sweetness. 10/10 would get again...however my curiosity to try the bright pink Lil' Vamp Latte is overpowering. I'm returning either way!