VegFest Houston 2018 Roundup

This past weekend was VegFest Houston! It was actually held in Stafford, TX but I wasn't mad at the large indoor venue. It's been well over 100 degrees with the heat index everyday.

I got there right at 10 am when it was supposed to open, but unfortunately I pulled up to a line with hundreds of people waiting alongside the building. I steadied myself, popped on my sunglasses, and waited in the sun. I wish there was no wait, but alas...I'll do it for vegan food.

When I got inside, I made a beeline for Dumpling Haus because I new that it would be popular, and I'm not about more of these lines...and got the 6 vegan dumplings. They had a few sides on offer but in my haste, I forgot to take note. The dumplings were chock full of purple cabbage and the dumpling wrappers were nice and crispy and chewy. The hot chili oil is what you see at the bottom of the tray in the picture. Now not to be missed. FYI--Dumpling Haus serves omni dumplings on the reg as well as their vegan version.

I also visited Govinda's Vegetarian. I had visited their buffet at the ISKON Temple some time ago (see blog post here), and loved it. Like I said, it was 100 degrees outside and the creamy mango lassi was too refreshing to pass up. It was super sweet and delectable creamy, and it paired perfectly with the crispy potato samosas. I loved it so much, for dinner that night I made some samosa filling to eat.

I also got a Chai tea bunuelo from White Cloud World Teas. This crispy, flaky fried dough coated in cinnamon sugar was a first for me. For a dessert, it was so simplistic..and it was amazing. I wish I could detect the chai spice slightly more, but I loved the crunch! Poor carpet, this was a bit messy to eat!

Up next was Wisdom's Vegan Bakery and Catering. They had an incredible section of soul foods and cupcake jars! I got the fried chicken made with homemade chik'un that was served with creamy ranch. I loved the super chewy and airy texture of the mock meat. However, it would have tasted better straight from the fryer. Sitting in the buffet dish sort of made the breading a little soggy. Still loved it though--would have been amazing with their sides!

I was super excited about trying this next vendor for the first time. At the Cupcake Girl (an all-vegan cupcake company that only takes online orders). I got the churro and cream cheese cupcake. There were so many delicious flavors it was hard to choose and they were selling 4 pack samplers, but I was able to demonstrate incredible restraint and only get the one. The cake and icing had nice cinnamon notes throughout. The icing had a slight tang from the cream cheese and was a perfect balance between creamy and sweet. The cake was a little dense, and I prefer super-airy, spongy cakes...but it was still amazing! 10/10 would get again!

Not pictured: I also had turmeric lemonade from Vegan Comfort, and a seitan brisket and cole slaw kolache from Sinfull Bakery