Tonight I Dined: Beaver's

So excited about this post. The long awaited re-opening of the original Beaver's has happened, and they're back and vegan-er than ever. I went for the queso during happy hour, but they also have vegan hash for breakfast and the beyond burger on a pretzel bun for lunch and din.

Interlude: Happy Hour has some awesome brews on tap for $4, there's also a good selection of $5 cocktails. 

Now back to the thesis statement. This queso is the best damn queso I've ever eaten. It wasn't that spicy, which is a relief because I thought there was going to be some habanero taste. It was so smooth and nice and "cheezy" without being oily. It was so smooth and had a great mouthfeel. And I'm not here to throw anyone under the bus, but...while I liked the Local Foods vegan queso, I luuuuurv this. The chips seemed homemade and were super crunchy. They held up to the dip in a fantastic fashion. I need this again and again. You do too, if you're in Houston.