Happy July 4th!

Happy holiday everyone! My holiday began with a staycation for a night in downtown Houston, and one of the highlights was the proximity of the hotel to Phoenicia. I could have gone with a delicious falafel wrap with warm sides, but I opted for all cold sides so I could get a large sampling.

I got the tabouli, lentil salad, orzo pasta salad with apricots and pistachios, and roasted eggplant ikra. I bought a bag of their housemade pita (the thin wrap-style is vegan, but their fluffy pitas has milk, so make sure to read the ingredients!). Everything was awesome beyond words. I also got some watermelon beer for the festivities...I love me a fruit beer, but this was a hard no for me. Sorry Galveston Bay brewing, it was too sweet.

Fast forward to the next day. July 4th was a complete washout. Several inches of rain dropped in a few short hours, and there was flooding of the roads and the bayous. Unfortunately they cancelled the Freedom Over Texas concert and activities, apparently for the 1st time in 31 years. They promised to still do the fireworks, which I hear outside my window. But with the area cordoned off, it's sad that no one is there to watch them live!

Luckily there was little flooding on our route home earlier this morning. After returning home safely , I threw together a July 4th meal that required minimal cooking: Lightlife hotdogs with spicy brown mustard in my fave 'suitable for vegans' labelled Kroger buns, boiled corn with Earth Balance and cajun seasoning, vinaigrette mushrooms, and potato chips. Dessert was warm cinnamon pineapple with So Delicious coconut whip. We listened to some Wait Wait on NPR and stuffed ourselves, as is appropriate for the holiday.