Thanksliving 2017

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving! I am glad that you survived another festive day of stuffing your face. My Thanksliving celebration was Tex-Mex inspired vegan food. Being in Houston I had access to great ingredients to make this day a success! Most everything was homemade, but we had a little help in the dessert course by a local vegan bakery.

Appetizer: Duritos (a wheat snack that when fried puffs up) topped with San Luis hot sauce

Main: Black Bean tamales from the Texas Tamale Company with various fresh salsas from HEB

Sides: Jalapeno cornbread dressing, Pillsbury Crescent rolls, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, homemade grapefruit cranberry sauce, and thyme roasted vegetables

Dessert: maple pecan shortbread bars, and kolaches (pumpkin, apple and strawberry cream cheese) by Sinfull Bakery

Beverages: homemade agua de jamaica and sangria