Obsession of the Week: Skinny Pop

I have been loving on White Cheddar Skinny Pop recently. I really enjoy salty snacks, and this full-flavor popcorn is a great substitute for my usual go-to kettle chips. Three and a half cups is only 150 calories, so it is as close to guilt-free as I'll be getting with my snacking.

This popcorn tastes so much like the SmartFood of my youth, it's almost startling. This flavor is labelled vegan, so no fear---it is dairy free cheese powder. Skinny Pop also has a vegan jalapeno flavor that I bet is awesome...although I'm reticent to sample it because I'm thinking the powdery pepper could set me off sneezing. My younger sister and I once sprinkled white pepper into a bag of microwave popcorn, it went straight up our noses and was virtually inedible due to our physical symptoms!