Something I Tried: Voortman Pumpkin Spice Wafers

Who knew Voortman was still a brand? Not me. That's because I haven't seen the iconic cookie displays in ages (see pic below). I have very fond memories of the display in the Clemens grocery store near where I grew up in Pennsylvania. Those little plastic tongs were everything to me...allowing me to customize my cookie haul. These hauls of my pre-vegan youth always included the Windmill cookie, because why not. Adult me loves the bulk bins for cutting down on packaging waste!

Enough reminiscing, down to the business. Voortman has pumpkin-ized their sugar wafers. Made with real pumpkin, these little cookies certainly taste like real pumpkin. I love the juxtaposition of the crispy wafer and the creamy filling with the hint of spice. But, these are just a tad too sweet for me to want to eat more than a few!

These wafers are accidentally vegan (i.e. not labelled vegan). And on the website the company acknowledges some products may be vegan, but qualifies that the production facility does produce non-vegan items (as most do). While perusing the website TIL Voortman is a Canadian company (and here I was thinking it was Pennsylvania Dutch)...

Source: Pinterest