Something I Tried: Weiss Lebkuchen Herzen

I have an eagle eye for the Vegan symbol when I'm out shopping. I love it because it makes it so much easier when you don't have to read and decode the ingredients. Plus, it's more or less an ad for veganism and when people see the label on grocery shelves, it is further normalizing the lifestyle once viewed as for hippies only! 

I picked up these German specialty cookies from Phoenicia Market in Houston. These Weiss Lebkuchen Herzen are soft gingerbread cookies filled with apricot jam and coated with a thin layer of chocolate. I have never had this type of item before, and it really has it all I'm looking for in my sweets wrapped into a cute heart shape: fruit, cookie and chocolate. I expected to like these as an after dinner nibble---but I loooved them. It was so hard not to devour the whole bag. That would be bad for my health...but not for my wallet, the whole bag was priced at $1.50. I am so excited about this find! I think it would make an awesome holiday stocking stuffer too.