Something I Tried: Tuscon Tamale Sweet Pumpkin Tamale

This review contains a major first: my inaugural dessert tamale. And how fitting that this milestone falls during the autumnal season amid my flourish of pumpkin reviews.

These vegan sweet pumpkin tamales by Tuscon Tamale company can be prepared by microwaving or by steaming on the stovetop. I opted for the microwave method and it was ready in just a few minutes. I unwrapped the corn husk, and just like most other tamales I've eaten the appearance is...lackluster. It's a's not supposed to look instagram-worthy, and I give it a pass!

The filling was creamy and lightly spiced. The pumpkin stood out, but was not overwhelming. The sweetness level was mild, so this is great for those who don't like cloying desserts. It would be perfect served with some coconut whipped topping for a contrast in texture and temperature. The cook on the tamale was a little uneven, but I'm blaming that on my ancient microwave. Next time, I'm definitely steaming these, so some parts don't get as dry.

Overall Taste: 7.5/10
Pumpkin-ness: 5.5/10