Spicy Cilantro Potatoes

Potatoes make a wonderful hearty meal, and this recipe is a must. Taters smothered in a bright cilantro hot sauce served atop a bed of quinoa. It would also be great to serve with rice or Naan. Pro tip: Make this recipe even easier by microwaving the potatoes before hand...The cooking time will be greatly reduced. 

Spicy Cilantro Potatoes
15 baby yukon gold potatoes (quartered, leave the skins on)
3 dried chilis
6 cloves garlic
small can tomato sauce (not paste...but a similar size can), water
juice of 2 lemons
2 tsp coconut oil
2 tsp vegan butter
handful cilantro

2 tsp cayenne
2 tsp smoked parika
1 Tbsp turmeric
2 tsp curry leaves
1 tsp curry powder
generous black pepper

1. In a large skillet heat coconut oil. Add dried spices and chilis. Cook for 2 minutes over medium heat.
2. Add potatoes and garlic. Cook for 10 minutes. Make sure spices don't burn.
3. Add lemon juice, tomato sauce and water. Let simmer for 35 minutes or until potatoes are fork tender. As it cooks, add water as needed so that it doesn't burn.
4. Add cilantro and butter in the last minute of cooking. Garnish with more cilantro.

1 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 dried chilis
tricolor quinoa

1. Prepare quinoa as instructed on package but add garlic powder, salt and chili to the water.