Tonight I Dined: R House

R. House in Baltimore is an eating space that describes itself as a launchpad for up and coming chefs. It's an open layout with plenty of seating...think mall food court, but fancy. This is NOT a fair comparison, but somehow the best comparison I can think of. The R. House eating hall features 10 food stalls, and I go to try both ARBA Mediterranean street food and Stall 11 vegetarian cuisine and juice bar.

I had been raving to my sister recently about ful moudammas, the Middle Eastern fava bean dish that is served warm often with fresh veggie toppings. If you're a fan of hummus, this is a nice break when you're looking for an alternative bean spread. In my opinion fava beans have a greater depth of flavor than garbanzos, almost evoking a smoky umami. The ARBA stall had a side of fava beans for $5 on it's menu so I went for it...big time. The side was really a giant plate of creamy fava and tahini topped with tomato, and served with thin pita. This dish was really lemon forward, which contrasted nicely with the strong fava flavor. This was excellent and filling, and I just love how something so simple can be so awesome.

Stall 11 has a vegetarian (mostly vegan menu) with a noodle bowl, salads, sandwiches, and sides. They also have kombucha by Hex Ferments, fresh juice & smoothies, and vegan baked goods! It has a real fresh farm-to-table vibe and the food is visually stunning. I ordered the side of Korean BBQ Cauliflower and it was a huge portion for a side...I don't usually like to share, but this was enormous! The cauliflower florets were thinly battered and fried, and tossed with a sweet-sour-spicy BBQ sauce, and topped with black sesame seeds, scallion, and cilantro. I've had cauliflower buffalo wings before and liked them...but omg, did I love this unique use of cauliflower! The texture of the florets was tender, and the exterior extremely crisp. The sauce had so much going on, but in a good way, because I got a little taste of all my favorite things. The fresh herbs on top were the perfect finishing touch and lightened up the fried dish.

My sister ordered the Stall 11 Ruben with smoked shredded beets, sauerkraut, lettuce, and thousand island dressing on thick cut rye bread. I had a little taste, and it was smoky and delicious! Although, I was surprised that it was served cold, because traditionally the reuben is a hot deli sandwich. The kraut was really flavorful, but soaked up most of the dressing, leaving the bread a little dry. My sister heated her leftovers the next day and said the sandwich was even more delicious warm.

For dessert vegans can head to the Little Baby's ice cream stall. This ice cream shop specializes in out-there flavors and serves both dairy and non-dairy options! Check here for their list of extensive options including Thai peanut and balsamic banana. They were closed by the time we finished our meal...I'll have to catch them next time or at one of their Philly locations!
Fava Beans 
Korean BBQ Cauliflower

Remington Ruben