Something I Tried: Awesome Bites Co.

Yesterday I checked out Eleanora's Farmer's Market in Houston Heights for the first time. It runs from 9am-1pm every Saturday. The market was held in the parking lot of an Italian restaurant, and they had a flamenco guitarist playing on the patio. There was a great variety of wares, although I was surprised that there was only one fresh produce vendor, Gundermann Acres. I picked up juicy tomatoes but if you want to stock up on produce and have a wide selection, I recommend the Eastside Farmer's Market starting at 8 am on Saturdays.

At Eleanora's there was a local kombucha brewer that I had never seen, but he only sold 32 oz. jars. It was such a hot day, and I was looking for a single serving that I could drink on the spot, so I went to Kickin' Kombucha. I've had their bottled kombucha before, but never of the flavors in their on-tap series. They had watermelon lavender and green apple cucumber flavors, and I opted for the latter. It was refreshing, very lightly fizzy, and cucumber forward (i.e. not very tart).

There was an allergen-friendly, gluten-free, vegan bakery at the market called Awesome Bites Co. They specialize in muffins but also have granola, brownies, and blondies. The blondies are actually made with chickpeas as the first ingredient...I've seen endless bean baked good recipes online, but had never tried one myself. The blondie flavor was delicious, and the chocolate chips (Enjoy Life) exceptional. I could not taste the chickpeas, yay (I think that's the goal when you incorporate them into a sweet dessert)! The texture had the grit I usually experience from a gluten-free baked good, which I don't prefer to a non-GF texture and it was also a tad dry. It was delicious enough that I would go back and try the black bean brownie too!