Something I Tried: Snacklins

Can we talk about how good vegan life is in 2017? Over the years we've been introduced to cheeze that actually tastes good, Dorito-like chips made from beans, and non-dairy Chunky Monkey by Ben & Jerry's.  But we have reached a whole new level with vegan cracklins (i.e. chicharrones, i.e. pork rinds). Yes, now we plant-based eaters can too consume the fried "pig" skin and enjoy a snap, crackle, pop of it all.

I found Snacklins at MOM's Organic Market, but you can find them a bunch of places around DC according to their website. This snack comes in 3 flavors but I picked up Chesapeake Bay, which is an Old Bay flavor and most appropriate given I'm in Baltimore.

I'll be honest with my review, I don't have a basis to say if this tastes like the real thing because I never had cracklins in my pre-vegan days. And actually one time I was sick and waiting for my Rx at a pharmacy, and they had a display of pork rinds, and just looking at it made me sicker...yeah, the real thing sounds gross. But sign me up for this vegan version made of mushrooms and yuca.

10/10 for being this inventive. Mushrooms and do they do that? Apparently plants are magical. 10/10 for flavor: the Old Bay gave a nice salty and tinge of spice while the actual rind has a mild but distinct flavor. 10/10 texture: crunchy, crackly, everything. 10/10 eatability: get your snack on because the whole bag is only 60 calories.

I am so happy to find this awesome new vegan product, and while it's only sold locally, it needs to go national. It is nothing short of fantastic!