Something I Tried: Vegan-ized Papa John's

I grew up eating tomato pies because honestly back in the day (early 2000's), vegan cheese was (1) not available at pizzerias as an option, and (2) not good at all. Now, I can order Daiya cheese at several places around town (and you will find this in most major US cities) and so when I get a hankering for good cheezy pizza I have plenty of choice. Although, I'm also a sucker for deals and Papa John's has a special: if the Houston Texans win their game, the next day all online orders are 50% off. I thought this was the perfect time to go back to my tomato pie roots and vegan-ize an order according to this handy-dandy peta2 guide. I ordered a medium pizza on original crust, with original sauce. Online they have a "cheeseless" button to press when you get to the cheese exciting! I topped the pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions (there are plenty of other veg toppings too). I think the most exciting part of the Papa John's vegan experience is that their Garlic sauce is vegan...grab yerself a few extra because now you have a popular pizza chain's go-head on dipping your slices into a dip that is essentially "butter" with a little garlic taste. It was delish (and cheap because of the half off deal), the sauce a little tangy, the crust cripsy, and the veg very fresh. But...4 tubs of "butter" errrr I mean Papa John's Garlic sauce later, I make the decision that this definitely won't be my go-to pizza. Long live vegan cheeze pizzas!