Something I Tried: Golden Pierogies

I found some vegan pierogies by Golden brand in the freezer at my local HEB supermarket. I love pierogies, but never get to have them because vegan ones are hard to find, and I've never made the effort to make homemade. There were a few flavors, but the only vegan one was potato and onion. The instructions on the box had several suggested cooking methods including boiling, but I wanted to pan fry them to get a nice crispy outside. I accidentally over did-it and they got too brown. Whoops. I topped them with Tofutti sour cream and chives and served them on top of some salad. The verdict: Bland as hell. Have they even heard of salt, oh my goodness! These have such potential if they were just well seasoned with salt, pepper, and maybe some herbs! But in other news, my salad was the bomb, so there's that. Not sure if I will finish the box...although it may be a good excuse to down half a bottle of my fave Cholula hot sauce. 
4/10 Because it's the holiday season and I'm feelin' generous