Something I Tried: TJ's Mini Churros

Real Talk...everytime I see a churro in the wild (which are inevitably not vegan) I wish I could have amnesia and forget all my reasons for being vegan for a split second. JK! But how I wish they were able to be a regular part of my diet..leaving a beautiful trail of cinnamon sugar on my lips while I crunch into the hot dough. 

So imagine how damn excited I was to find out that Trader Joe's has a mini cinnamon sugar churro in their freezer section. Upon opening the bag, I notice they are in fact quite "mini" sized. Probably about the size of my ring finger. It isn't too long until they are in my belly...just a quick bake in the oven for 6-7 minutes, and these come out crisp and ready (well not quite ready, you have to shake on some of the cinnamon sugar)! I served these with some So Delicious Coco Whip, cause heck yeah I'm indulgent!

The verdict: Excellent, pure bliss. Flavor is on point. The cinnamon sugar dusting brings the sweetness, and dipping it into the whipped cream takes it over the top. The only (sort-of, kind-of negative) thing is that the outside was crispy and the inside was a little too doughy. I'm blaming this half on my inconsistent oven temperature, and half on the fact that they are just not as light and airy as the non-vegan churros of my youth. Get yerself some, or y'all will regret missing out on these vegan dreams.