Something I Tried: TJ's Blood Orange Persimmon Juice

I have been cooking recently...but none of my dishes are new recipes that I haven't yet posted to the blog. That is why this feed has essentially turned into product review after product review (and most of those seem to be from Trader Joe's because they roll out new products almost everyday!). Today I tried the blood orange persimmon juice. I've really liked their selection of cold pressed juices, so I figured this juice blend would be a nice change. The juice is weighty like a smoothie (think Naked Juice), and the first taste that hits me is a boatload of I like cinnamon as much as the next vegan, but this was so misplaced and overpowering! I didn't even finish half of the bottle. The slight sweetness from the blood orange and persimmon would do just well on their own (minus the cinnamon and ginger). Great idea, but poor execution...I definitely would not buy this again until it's reformulated!