Something I Tried: GoVeggie Chive and Garlic Cream Cheese

I was super excited when I found out that there were to-go cups of vegan cream cheese on the market! Usually when I go to a breakfast spot I bring along an aluminum foil that I hastily packaged a dollop of vegan butter or cream cheese inside (because I'm not ashamed to tote around my own schmear...why should any vegan have to have a dry bagel?). With these new to-go cups, I thought that my problem was solved.

When I opened the package the cream cheese was very watery, so I stirred it with a knife until it reached a nice consistency. I slathered it on my bagel and ate one half...the taste was not very good. Maybe I'm spoiled with the delicacy that is Kite Hill cream cheese but this tasted sour and not even the chive and garlic flavor could save it. I managed to finish the half of the bagel and when i grabbed the second half there was no more cream cheese, it had completely absorbed into the bagel resulting in a wet mess. Sad to say I threw it away and went to work hungry. Such a let down, I'll have to stick to my homemade packaged cream cheese.