Tonight I Dined: Victoria, BC Roundup

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and it's highlights include gorgeous historic buildings and a scenic waterfront. The area is very walkable and has a small town feel within a city. It is very easy to eat vegan here, check out some of the spots I sampled:

Green: tofu "paneer", cauliflower au gratin sushi, sesame noodle salad, falafel, mushroom en croute, pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse pie

Green is fabulous! It is a pay per pound (err..kilo in Canada) buffet with a rotating menu that has cuisines from all different cultures. They have both a cold dessert section, ice cream, shakes, and seemingly unlimited baked goods that are all vegan. Their savory sauces are not too be missed...put it on everything!

Re Bar: local tomato, tofu, cashew stir fry

Re Bar is more upscale and very busy. There are a handful of vegan items on the menu as well as some vegan desserts. My dish was so fresh and basil gave it an herby punch to cut through the acidity.

MoLe: curry tofu scramble with pesto potatoes and toast with fresh jam

I didn't manage a picture of this delicious breakfast...but just know I am a huge fan of breakfast potatoes and these pesto potatoes are hands down the best I ever had! The jam was so flavorful and a necessary counterpoint to the herb potatoes and spicy curry.

Lotus: tofu skins and salted tofu

This vegetarian restaurant has a wide variety of tofu, mushroom and faux meat dishes. I decided on a combo so that I could try two different dishes and soup. It was delicious and very reasonably priced.

Ingredients cafe: tofu reuben

This health food store has a cafe with a full menu with breakfast, lunch, coffee and smoothies. There bakery case is largely raw and vegan, I got some chocolate chip banana bread for later which was moist and delicious.

Pure Lovin chocolate: earl Grey truffle, orange truffle, maple leaf creams

Do not miss Pure Lovin chocolate, a little storefront in Fan Tan Alley (Chinatown) with chocolates, truffles, caramels and other sweets that are vegan. Everything I had was an absolute treat with the perfect consistency and wonderful creaminess from coconut milk.