Tonight I Dined: Seattle Roundup

Seattle is one of the most vegan friendly cities in the US. My mouth is watering reminiscing about all of the delvious bites I had as I write this post. I hope you enjoy!

Plum Bistro: Mama Africa Salad; baby greens, avocado, seasonal fruit, tempeh, seasoned quinoa & millet, almonds, lemon vinaigrette, side mustard aioli (pictured), Southern Slam; panko crusted seitan, biscuits gravy, grits southern collard greens

Plum Bistro is a 100% vegan moderately upscale establishment (but also check out their other locations that are more casual). The restaurant was very open with the front wall open to the street, and the music and vibe was very chill. I went for brunch and their grits were the best I have ever had! The quality and service is amazing, the portions are huge and well worth the price.

Pettiroso: Small plates, large plates

This European inspired cafe has a few vegan items and notes those that are veganizable. The space is small and intimate, but there is coffee and beer on tap so it also feels like a bar. I enjoyed a white bean artichoke dip and amazing local bread dipped in oil (I forgot to snap a pic!).

Wayward Cafe: herb biscuits, housemade seitan gravy and garlic greens (left), french toast with berry compote and whipped cream (center), Sante Fe Hash (right)

Wayward Cafe is located near the University of Washington campus (I highly suggest a walk through campus, it is beautiful). This 100% casual vegan establishment serves breakfast all day as well as a full regular menu and plenty of desserts. The options were so numerous it was difficult to decide, but I was very satisfied with the meal...and sooo stuffed. Go here! 

Vegan Haven: Seitan philly cheesesteak to go (by Wayward Vegan), raspberry almond scone, truffles, vegan jerky...

Vegan Haven is a 100% vegan store that has food, ethical clothing, bags, belts and personal care items. Going here was awesome...although it was hard to resist the urge to read ingredients...Bliss.

Araya's Place: Lunch buffet (fried rice, fried spring roll, pad thai, red curry...)

Araya's Place is a very reasonably priced 100% vegan Thai restaurant. I indulged in the all-you-can eat lunch buffet, and was astounded at the variety and how every bite tasted so flavorful! Do not miss this!

Pho Vina: Sesame Seed Tofu

Yum! Pho Vina, a small Vietnamese restaurant near the Sea-Tac airport that has an entirely separate vegetarian menu with everything vegan clearly labelled. The sesame seeds elevated the tofu, which was paired with perfectly crisp vegetables . This spot is great for a quick, cheap bite.

Zeitgeist: pumpkin crystallized ginger muffin

Zeitgeist is a spacious coffee shop that does not have a lot of in-house vegan items, but gets pastries from the Gluten-free and vegan local bakery the Flying Apron. This muffin was simple amazing, I loved the chopped nuts and ginger on top!
ElysianHouse applewood-smoked BBQ tofu, jalapeƱo slaw, pickled red onion, avocado puree, rustic bun 

Elysian is a brewery restaurant and has a real cool is even cooler that they have vegan menu items and label them! This sandwich has tofu was perfectly charred and all the components complimented each other in interesting and subtle ways. 

El Chupacabra (Alki Beach): Vegan chimichanga

Get to west Seattle...Alki Beach specifically. This restaurant has a wonderful patio for an amazing view of the water and prime people watching. Almost the entire menu can be veganized..sub vegan cheese and ask to hold sour cream. This was my first chimi... I'm obsessed. 

Mighty-O donuts: French Toast cake donut

I didn't get to the storefront...and I was looking for these vegan donuts everywhere. I finally found a winner at a co-op in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I normally like yeast donuts better than cake donuts, but this packed such an awesome flavor punch that I didn't care! Cinnamony with a light and perfect glaze...I could have had many more so it is a good thing I bought just one!

Veggie Grill: chayote corn, buffalo wings

This was my first Veggie Grill experience and I was not disappointed. This vegan chain was overwhelming me with choice. Since I could not devour the entire menu, I decided on buffalo wings with ranch and grilled chayote corn.  Two of the best decisions ever...the wings were tangy and spicy with a crisp exterior and chewy interior and the corn was packed with creamy flavor.

Blue Bird Ice Cream: Horchata coconut milk ice cream

This small ice cream shop is a few doors down from Elysian brewing. They have a handfull of vegan ice cream flavors, so save room for dessert and stop by Blue Bird!

Full Tilt Ice Cream: Skydottir Cookie Dough

I found a pint of vegan Full Tilt ice cream at a Red Apple Market. This cookie dough flavor is made with local, gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough. I was excited about trying this, but there were a few cookie dough bites in the very bottom and a few at the top. I wish it was incorporated throughout...maybe it was a function of the pint packing process...I'll try the storefront next time!