Tonight I Dined: 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe

A few weeks ago I had lunch at 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale, New York. The establishment had a vegan menu and a separate non-vegan one, and it was a dream ordering anything I wanted (but also a nightmare because every dish sounded delicious).

The meal was outstanding and the warm, gooey cheese of the mozzarella sticks and the pizza roll were perfect on a cold winter day. My bf ordered the scampi and the mushrooms had a wonderful texture and bite down. The meal was topped off by an airy tiramisu, with delicately flavored lady fingers and a light dusting of cocoa powder.

Vegan mozzarella sticks with marinara!

Sausage and pepper pizza roll

Oyster mushroom scampi with linguine

Vegan tiramisu. My first!!