Something I Tried: Simple Truth Butter Pecan

I was so excited to see this Kroger store brand vegan ice cream on shelves. I think it is the first store brand non-dairy frozen treat I've had, so big ups to Kroger for expanding their line to be more vegan inclusive. The best part, is this pint came in at $3.29.

Now how did it taste? I was a little reticent when I opened the top. The top of the ice cream looked icy and uneven. When I dug in, I was not disappointed. The flavor was buttery and there were plenty of crunchy nuts. It had a nice sweetness level and was creamy. Although it lacked that extra lusciousness from top shelf vegan almond milk ice cream (like So Delicious or Ben and Jerry's). They also have chocolate, vanilla, and sea salt caramel flavors. I really enjoyed this ice cream, and the cost didn't make me wince at the it's a total win in my book!