Something I Tried: Formosa Jalapeno Hot Sauce

My bf received a gift of a taco making package for the holidays. It came with 3 creamy hot sauces, and upon discovering the vegan label...I promptly popped some bottles. I served the Formosa brand jalapeno hot sauce on some fried tofu for breakfast. I also had some toast with Earth Balance, fresh grape tomatoes and raw sauerkraut.

While this hot sauce is creamy it packed a lot of heat and smokiness. I'm used to vinegar-based hot sauces (y'all know my favorite is Cholula), but for me, this might be a new favorite because of it's versatility. Yes, I dipped some kettle cooked potato chips in the hot sauce. And it was devine.

I'm looking forward to sampling the other two flavors, chipotle and habanero!