Something I Tried: TJ's Vegetable Spring Rolls

I was cooking up Asian-inspired caramelized hoisin brussel sprouts so for an appetizer, I went with the box of vegetable spring rolls from the freezer section of Trader Joe's. There are 9 in a box for less than 4 dollars, so it's way cheaper than takeout, but will they stack up to my beloved greasy rolls?? These spring rolls cook up pretty fast and I was so surprised at how crispy the rolls came out of the oven, the flaky wrapper's texture was top notch (and almost as good as deep fried). The main veggie inside was cabbage, like most spring rolls, which provides the perfect crunch. One downside is that there is no sauce packet included so you have to provide your own dipping sauce (I opted for some sweet chili sauce I had). Overall, this is super delicious and pretty darn close to take-out for a lot less!