Big Thanksgiving Post 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 was one of the best in recent years...I was so happy with the company and how all of the dishes turned out. It was a full day of cooking, but I am glad to eat these leftovers for days and days!

The Feast

The Menu

  • Hazelnut Field Roast En Croute (see it here)
  • Green Beans Almondine (sauteed with EVOO, salt, pepper, lemon, and toasted almond slivers)
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Pistachio Dusted Cauliflower Salad (inspired by this recipe, but subbing crushed pistachios and just lemon and EVOO for the dressing)
  • Traditional Dressing/Stuffing
  • Mushroom Gravy
  • Sweet Potato Biscuits (vegan-ized Paula Deen recipe)
  • Blood Orange Cranberry Sauce (follow the recipe on the Ocean Spray bag but add juice of 1 blood orange)
  • Maple Pecan Pie (Isa's recipe with bourbon added)
  • Spiced Acorn Squash Pudding (blend of acorn squash, coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and sugar)

Field Roast
Green Beans Almondine

Mashed Potatoes
Pistachio Dusted Cauliflower Salad
Traditional Dressing

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

Acorn Squash Pudding served with Coco Whip