Tonight I Dined: Nam Eatery

Nam Eatery opened in Houston Heights in February. I discovered it when I was on my way to Jenni's Noodle House for dinner a few weeks ago, and when I got home I had a look at their menu on Yelp (looking at online menus is a pastime of mine...anyone else?). To my surprise the tofu banh mi was labelled vegan! Even though you can usually alter a banh mi to make it vegan, it is really nice to have the vegan label (especially because  fish and oyster sauce seem make their way into many Asian dishes and of course you usually have to hold the mayo...which may or may not be held). In addition I verified that the tofu spring rolls were also vegan. The food was absolutely scrumptious... the tofu in the sandwich was marinated in something heavenly. Since there was no vegenaise I added some sriracha sauce to the banh mi, and that made the flavors really pop. The spring roll with vermicelli noodles, tofu, lettuce, cilantro and mint in a rice paper wrapper was so light and refreshing. The eatery had very quick service: you order at the counter, choose your own seats, and they bring out your food in a jiffy. The employees were very accommodating and eager to make sure you had a great experience at their restaurant. I recommend Nam highly and I'll be back very soon!

ProTip: if you're really hungry get 2 sandwiches (which is easy to do at $5 a pop), but the spring rolls and one sandwich made a great filling meal for me!
These spring rolls..."so fresh and so clean"
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