Tonight I Dined: Mama Fu's Asian Fusion House

Mama Fu's is a great option for Asian style takeout when I'm in the mood for tofu outside of Chinatown. Their tofu is very firm with a similar texture to the prebaked kind you can get at the grocery. This tofu perfectly soaks up whatever flavor they fire it with in the wok. Luckily there are many options for the vegans that Mama Fu's lists on their website (most entrees are vegan as-is, and a few can be prepared vegan upon request). Check this vegan list before you go, since the vegan label isn't on the menu at the counter (or I'm sure you could ask too!). My favorite entrees are the Orange Peel and the Spicy General Fu's (although it isn't too spicy, so make sure you grab a few cups of their hot chili paste to-go!).

Orange Peel Tofu and Veg