Tonight I Dined: Hugo's

I finally made it out to Hugo's in Montrose for a special occasion dinner this weekend. Inside the large menu binder with pages and pages of wines and mezcals is also the vegetarian/vegan menu. There are 3 items labelled vegan and most of the vegetarian dishes could be altered to be dairy-free. Yay for vegan options at an authentic Mexican restaurant!

I ordered the croquetes de papa entree. The platter centerpiece was a pan fried thick potato pancake seasoned to perfection atop a bed of garlic sautéed greens. The side was grilled squash, carrots and asparagus spears. The sauce was a dark red with a deep flavor and a little spice. Oh my goodness was this good. I ate slow and savored every bite.

I failed to take a picture of my beautiful plate because the mood lighting was dim (and a flash would probably be a no-no here). This place is worth a try, but I recommend making a dinner reservation!