Tonight I Dined: Spiral Diner

A definite must-do while in Dallas is stop by Spiral Diner. I was admiring the menu of this all vegan diner long before I even moved to Texas. The menu is extensive, and having that much choice is both painful and awesome. I always make sure to get desserts to-go so that I can savor the magic of Spiral after I'm gone (and to have something to nosh on the long drive back to Houston). For lunch I had the parmesan wrap: marinated, grilled seitan with marinara sauce, black olives, pineapple, zucchini, bell peppers, cashew parmesan, pesto and vegan mozzarella in a grilled whole wheat tortilla with a side of potato salad. This is one of the best combination of flavors I have ever had. At this point you are probably wondering why pineapple? Doesn't just belongs in this marriage of deliciousness.
Parmesan wrap 
Strawberry Muffin
Rice Krispies Treat