Tonight I Dined: The Local Moose Cafe

This past weekend I was in New Hampshire doing the usual, travelling for food. I was really excited to try The Local Moose Cafe for the possibility of a banh mi sandwich for breakfast. I love non-breakfast foods for my first meal of the day. Anyone else enjoy this simple pleasure? 

The menu is small, the bulk of it is not vegan. However, the tofu banh mi sandwich is labelled vegan and comes with marinated tofu, pickled veggies, cilantro and vegan mayo on a house-made baguette. I was blown away by how darn good this chewy, yet airy bread was--without a doubt the bread was my favorite part. The tofu was also very flavorful and I always love a pickled veg. Can't go wrong. This sandwich is well worth the visit to this cute little cafe.