Tonight I Dined: The Vegan Yacht

This past Saturday was The Wandering Vegan Market, a pop-up market of exclusively plant based vendors in Austin, TX. It was held next to The Vegan Yacht, a vegan comfort food trailer that I had heard endless great things about, but never managed to try before. The yacht was awarded Austin's best vegan burrito, so of course I needed to try it out. The monster is called the Freeto Burrito and it contains tempeh chili, cheeze, avocado and corn chips in a grilled tortilla. I may have mentioned before that I am straight up not a fan of tempeh...10/10 would opt for another vegan protein. However, this burrito may make me change my mind. The texture was melt-in-your-mouth (probably because it was prepared chili-style) and not hard and crumbly like other tempeh I've had. The burrito was packed with flavor, and the added crunch from the corn chips took it to another level. The grill on the tortilla was absolute perfection and it held the filling in without spillage (yay for post-burrito clean fingers).