Tonight I Dined: Flower Child

Flower Child is a healthy fast casual restaurant that has locations in AZ, CA, and TX. I visited the new location in The Domain complex in North Austin. The menu is clearly labelled, and there are so many vegan options! Instead of opting for a bowl, salad, or sandwich I went for the plate of 3 sides so that I could taste more! My plate consisted of yuzu brussel sprouts, Spicy Japanese eggplant, and Indian spiced cauliflower. The brussels were tangy and was my first time eating yuzu and now I can't get enough! I also really enjoyed the melt-in-your-mouth eggplant. Each bite was spicy and the cashews were the perfect pairing for a nice crunch. Unfortunately, the spiced cauliflower fell flat. Because it was supposed to be spiced, it came across as a little bland (I would have rathered a nice, fried cauliflower that isn't trying to be seasoned like from Aladdin's). The quality was really good, and the waitstaff had great vibes. I would definitely go back here and try one of the many other vegan options!