Tonight I Dined: Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown Coffee is one of the coffee/hangout hot spots in the Heights. Located on 19th street among antique shops, boutique clothiers and record stores, you will find this coffeehouse with both indoor and outdoor seating (the patio is situated right out front so it's a prime location for people watching). I usually go to Boomtown to sip a drink and chill with my laptop, but recently decided to try the food because...the breakfast menu includes a vegan taco! This baby is a corn tortilla stuffed with sauteed veggies and potato, black beans topped with avocado served with a mild salsa on the side. I ordered two and gobbled them up. It was absolutely delicious and the only thing I would change is making the salsa spicier...bring on the heat (we're Texans after all!).
Avocado dreaming....