Tonight I Dined: Boston Roundup

I was recently in Boston for my sister's college graduation. The trip was quick but I managed to try three vegan hot spots around town. Come with me on my journey of yum.

Grasshopper: spring rolls, barbicue veg-pork on a salad bed, tofu fried rice, stir fried tofu with mushrooms.

This was absolutely delicious, I am so glad my sisters ordered lots of stuff to share! The spring rolls were accompanied by a perfect dipping sauce, the pork was deliciously crispy, the fried rice and tofu were perfectly seasoned and bursting with flavor. We were so hungry from walking here, that I only got to snap a picture of the beautiful embroidered table cloth after we had demolished the food.

Fomu: cardamom pistachio & bourbon maple walnut coconut milk ice cream

I want to live at Fomu. There was too much to try in so little time. If I lived inside Fomu my daily breakfast would be a pastry (they had homemade pop tarts!), my lunch would be a milkshake, and my dinner would be a sundae with homemade toppings and sauces. All of the ice creams are coconut or other nut based, and vegans and non-vegans should come to sample the exotic flavors. They are nuts, no pun intended.

My Thai Vegan Cafe:  fried wonton appetizer, and super yellow noodle with vegi shrimp, chicken, beef, seitan, and tofu.

These noodles were fantastic because I did not have to choose my veggie protein, a 'super' version of most dishes packs them all! The food was amazing, everyone in my party agreed on that. However everybody also agreed that it was the worst service we had ever had. If you ask for something, you won't receive it. If you order something they are out of, they won't tell you. Moral of the story: the food is can't miss, the service is lacking. Get yourself some takeout.
Clockwise from left: Fomu small ice cream
(it's a lot!), Grasshopper, Super yellow noodle