Island Vegetables

I've been exploring using fruits to my savory cooking along with fruit sauces and chutneys. I love the brightness fresh fruit adds to dishes and their flavor is enhanced by saltiness. Enjoy this simple vegetable bake inspired by summertime with pineapple, with a touch of Asian flair with sesame oil. I served this over rice with some soy sauce and it was delicious!

2C fresh pineapple (cut into chunks)
2C string beans
1 onion (cut into chunks)
2 bell peppers
2 Tbsp light brown sugar
drizzle sesame oil
drizzle olive oil
coarse sea salt
fresh ground black pepper
1 lime (juiced)
cilantro (handful)

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
2. Arrange vegetables into a single layer on a large baking sheet.

This quick recipe is so simple for dinner for one at home

3. Add oils, brown sugar, salt, pepper, cilantro, and lime juice on top of vegetables and toss with your hands (or tongs) to coat evenly.
4. Bake for ~20 minutes or until vegetables are tender
Look at that beautiful caramelization on the pineapple