Tonight I Dined: The Stand

A few weekends ago I made the trip down to Fairfield, CT for brunch. I was excited to go to The Stand after drooling over their Instagram feed for months.

Here's the rundown of what I ate:

The thyme infused waffle with lemon curd and blackberries. This dish was sweet like a waffle should be, but also had a subtle savoriness from the herbs. It towed that line really well and was incredible.

The bagel sandwich had a lot going on. It was stuffed with maple mustard seitan, scrambled tofu, cashew spread, and tarragon mayo. It was messy, but oh so good. The side of fruit was a good counterpoint, but I wanted more!

I thought both mains were pricey for the portion. However, I think it's delicious, and worth the splurge every so often!

The Stand also has a small bakery case featuring cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and rice crispy treats. I got the gluten-free peanut butter cookie and it was delightful. I ate it on the way to BD Provisions, a brand new bulk food store in town. You can bring in your clean jars and fill them up with teas, coffees, spices, pastas, rice, granola, soup mix, and more! I wasn't prepared and so just got a small baggie of tea.