Philly VegFest

This past weekend my sister and I went to Philly VegFest. My time living in the city pre-dated this event by a long while, but I was so pleased at the turnout for only the second year of this festival. The vegan scene in Philly is vibrant itself, but I noticed they attracted vendors from far and wide. Hopefully this event grows year upon year!

Here's what I ate:

Yeah Dawg topped with pickled pineapple, chipotle mayo, and coconut bacon chips. It had a great texture-- I would have guessed it was seitan-based, but it's top three ingredients are potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots!

Mango habanero cauliflower wings on rice, cabbage and chickpeas from Mo 'Pweeze Bakery. This had that back of the throat kind of spice, and had me sweating on the hot day. Absolutely delicious!

And...jerk chickn drummies and bacon mac and cheese from Zoe's Vegan Delight. This was so meaty...and the jerk sauce was full of flavor with some wee spice. These wings are on a wooden stick, so watch yourself when you chow down! The mac and cheeze was creamy and delightful.

Baklava! I forget the vendor's name, but it was the one selling pina coladas in whole pineapples. Haha! This treat was syrupy and oh so sweet with a perfect flakiness. Loved!