Tonight I Dined: Field of Greens

Field of Greens was the reason I moved into my first apartment in Houston. As a new vegan to the city all that the leasing agents needed to mention was my new potential pad's close proximity to an awesome veggie restaurant. FOG is mostly vegan (everything is clearly labelled!) but serves dairy cheese along with vegan cheese, 2 fish dishes, and some of the breads may contain honey (so be sure to ask). This is a casual restaurant with options ranging from American cuisine to some Greek and Mexican inspired flavors. I ordered The Vegan Village Tofu Burger which is a thick slice of tofu with a breaded and fried tofu skin, avocado, lettuce and sprouts. Veggie burgers are rarely straight up tofu, and I love how it highlights this amazing ingredient two ways! The fried basil tofu is so devine, and the fries and the most amazing seasoning on them (you don't even need ketchup!). Get on down to Field of Greens for some tasty vegan grub!
The Vegan Village Tofu Burger