Tonight I Dined: Austin Roundup

Here's what else I ate in Austin!

Chilantro Boombox Smoothie
Ju Ju Juice
This was so tangy and delicious! I love when smoothies have herbs for an interesting kick (this had cilantro).

Apple Fritter

Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery
This moist fritter with crunchy apples covered in a sweet glaze was too good for words. Try it!

Lentils Masala Dal

New India
New India has a large vegan selection that is labelled. This dal was so rich and perfectly spiced.

Soul Food Plate: Beans, Collards, grilled cornbread and tomatoes

Bouldin Creek Cafe
Yummy! This was a great plate, and the highlight was the grilled cornbread that I smothered in vegan butter. The collards were well seasoned and the bitterness was cut by some red wine vinegar.