My First Post-- About me

Hi I'm Rachel, the newest recipe blogger to hit the net. The title of my blog is The Vegan Experimentalist, not because I am trying out veganism. I would say that I am a veteran vegan by now, at the ripe age of 21. In the 6th grade I became vegetarian and by 8th grade New Year's Resolution was to turn vegan. I have been one ever since.
The name of the blog pertains to my cooking. If you are someone who likes exact measurements, with the precision to 1/8 tsp, this is not the blog for you. Rather, each time I cook or bake it is to taste. I rarely measure anything out. Therefore all of my recipes are ballpark estimates of what I have done, and it is expected that you improvise according to your own tastes.
A number one rule while cooking is taste! taste! taste! And because all of my recipes are free of animal products, there is no fear of tasting something semi raw and getting sick. I love me some cookie dough free of salmonella. Yum!