Tonight I Dined: I'M Vegan

The Tonight I Dined series is back, with an entry from I'M Vegan, a Thai restaurant in the Lake View neighborhood of Chicago. 

It was hard to make a selection from the delicious menu, but I opted for veg and tofu pad siew, spicy mushroom (medium heat), and the mushroom buns. I really wanted a Thai tea as well, but I was getting delivery and beverages weren't available as an option.

As delivery often goes, the food was delivered about 45 minutes after it was prepared. I think the steamed mushroom buns would have been best consumed hot. They also surprisingly came with sweet potato fries, a welcome extra. The buns were good, but on the sweet side due to the housemade hoisin. I did select the mild option, but I think the spicy option just included some fresh jalapenos. The entrees, however, were still quite warm upon arrival. I savored each bite, somehow having the will power to save half for a delicious lunch the next day. The entrees were absolutely fantastic, with so much unbelievable flavor. I will definitely be frequenting I'M Vegan again and again!