Crust Vegan Bakery treatbox countdown

My sisters gifted me a treat box from Philly's Crust Vegan Bakery for my birthday. I had never tried the Manayunk bakery before, but I had been following them on social media for a long time, dreaming of the day I would get a chance to try them.

Each item in the treat box was a total smash hit, but the sisters requested that I provide the ranking of my favorites. This task is near impossible, but since I can't hand out 6 number one spots, here goes:

6. Blackberry Ginger scone.

This was only my least favorite item because I'm rarely in the mood for a scone. I'm usually all in on a cookie or a cakeand, to me, a scone is somewhere in between. While I'm judgy about scones, it was excellent quality. The texture was superb and the ginger brought a truly unique flavor.

5. Sugar cookie sandwich with strawberry icing.

This treat was tremendously delicious. The only reason it's getting a lower ranking is because the icing is very sweet, you literally have to prepare yourself for the sugar rush that it induces! Pro tip: split with a friend!

4. Rice Krispy Treat with rainbow sprinkles.

I ate this over the course of a day. I really wanted to savor it. Crust really aced this classic treat.

3. Oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies.

Uggh, these were so good. For something so simple, how are these cookies that next level? You won't know what I'm talking about until you try them. And you must.

2. Cinnamon roll.

All cinnamon rolls should be this voluminous. Bravo on the excellent portion size, Crust! This treat was light and fluffy and had the most amazing icing. Sometimes cinnamon roll icing can just fade into the background, but this one really stood out with its own flavor profile, eliciting many "yums". Pro tip: warm it in the microwave for a few seconds just before enjoying.

1. Sausage and egg biscuit sandwich

Hiding beneath the foil wrapper was the sole savory baked good in the box. While I love my sweets, I can eat savory food morning, noon, and night. I thought I would need to adorn the sammy with my favorite condiment, ketchup, but dare I say, my beloved tomato topping would have defiled this beautiful specimen. The biscuits were just so homemade biscuits are straight up shameful in comparison. Each bite was perfection. 

There you have it, the *official* Crust Vegan Bakery treat box countdown. The good news is, they change their offerings weekly so you will be able to try it for yourself and make your own list!

 FYIthese items freeze really well and I enjoyed them over the course of two weeks.