Montreal Roundup

My first trip to Montreal did not disappoint. It is truly a fantastic destination for vegans. Here's what I ate:

Brunch at Antidote Bouffe Vegane ($$, vegan)
Poutine with tofu scramble, salad, and fruit

"American" breakfast with omelette and mushrooms with gravy on bread, potatoes, salad, and fruit.

Dessert at Hoche Glace ($$, serves dairy)
Vegan chocolate soft serve 

Dinner at LOV ($$$, vegan)
Small Caesar salad

Kombucha battered onion rings with aioli dipping sauce

Mushroom risotto

Dessert at Copper Branch ($-$$, vegan)
Lemon matcha bites

Breakfast at Sophie Sucree ($-$$, vegan)
Almond croissant

Warm spinach and feta pastry

Next-day pastries (all $2 CAD) spinach feta pastry, and cinnamon roll

Lunch at La Panthere Verte ($$, vegan)
Jackfruit schwarma with cauliflower, kale soup

Sips at Code Vert ($$, vegan)
Matcha Latte

Dessert at Umami Ramen ($$, vegan)
Agedashi tofu with ume plum sauce
[***Best thing I ate during the trip!]

Shoyu ramen with yuba

Creamy kimchi ramen

Hot fried sugar donut

Breakfast at Leaves House Cafe ($$,  vegan)
Vanilla latte

Lunch at Resto Vego ($$$, pay by the pound, vegetarian)
Chickpea korma, paella, noodles, thai tempeh, imperial roll, curried macaroni salad, slider

Key lime cheezecake and raisin tart

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