Vegan Soft Serve Countdown

I have a thing for vegan soft serve. I think it's because it is much more rare to find than other ice cream--you can find dozens of delicious pints in the grocery store freezer, and often scoop shops have a non-dairy flavor or two. But a twisty, soft, creamy soft serve, that's like striking pure gold. Let's get into my top 6 (note that this list doesn't include vegan fro-yo, just the pure stuff):

1. Vaca's Creamery, Chicago
This pecan praline almond milk soft serve was simply exquisite. The texture and level of sweetness were spot on. It was the perfect vehicle for the gorgeous caramel drizzle. I want this again and again.

2. Orchard Grocer, NYC
One taste and I knew this was one of the best I've ever had. I literally started to cry. The texture was perfect! Big thanks to Isa Chandra of Modern Love, Brooklyn and Orchard Grocer for the best collab since Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand's You Don't Bring Me Flowers in 1978.

3. Sweet Ritual, Austin
The best soft serve in Texas. Sweet Ritual in Austin is a true vegan ice cream destination. I love the housemade syrups...but come for the creamiest soft serve ever.

4. Upton's Breakroom, Chicago
You can find the Breakroom at Upton's Natural seitan factory in Chicago. They are serving Temptation Soft Serve by Chicago Vegan Foods (the makers of Dandies marshmallows and Teese cheeze). So smooth--but it melts fast...lick quick!

5. Like No Udder, Providence
I think it would surprise people that Providence, Rhode Island is a vegan haven. But it is. Tucked away near the waterfront is Like No Udder, a small shop serving up interestingly flavored scoops (including New England specialties). Of course I went for the soft serve...and it was delectable.

6. Divine Treasures Chocolates, Hartford area
A little chocolate shop in Manchester, Connecticut is serving up delectable vegan soft serve. The flavor was spot on, but since I'm all about the texture, I must note that this is less creamy that the others on this list! Still fantastic!