Tonight I Dined: No Bones Beach Club

I was so excited to dine at No Bones Beach Club in Chicago's Wicker Park area. From the moment you step inside this tiny spot, you're transported to an all-vegan kitschy beach getaway. The menu was right up my alley--I would describe it as a sort of a fusion of tropical, asian flavors, and bar food.

I ordered the stuffed poblano. It was a coated and deep (deeep) fried pepper stuffed with smoked white beans and topped with jackfruit carnitas with a generous slathering of cashew crema and tomatillo avocado sauce. The picture looks a mess, but I must say this is the best dish I've had all year. That's a big statement, since 2019 has been good to me vegan food-wise, but it's true! The dish had so much flavor and a nice tang throughout. It was truly, truly awesome.

My boyfriend ordered the golden beet poke appetizer that was served with avocado, sesame, macadamias, and sriracha sauce. You must love sesame to enjoy this dish, because for me, that was the dominant flavor. I loved it, especially with the spicy sriracha sauce! He also got the coastal chowder, which was a play on clam chowder, but with a base of creamy oyster mushroom and yukon gold potatoes. I love mushrooms, so this was a definite win in my book.

They also had a large of selection of over-the-top tropical cocktails. I skipped imbibing, but I definitely would have gotten one of the creamy, coconut milk ones in a funky glass!

Not near Chicago? They have 2 other locations, one in Seattle and one in Portland. I would certainly recommend checking it out (and ordering the poblano).