Weekly Noms

Let's talk about what I've been eating recently. The good, the bad, the ugly...some tips and tricks too. Let's get into it:

I tried a quick mushroom stroganoff. I did not have vegan sour cream on hand--that's usually an item I have to go out and buy for specific recipes. But...I did have vegan mayo from Trader Joe's.  I mixed about 2 Tbsp of the mayo with unsweetened almond milk to get that creamy richness. This was delicious!

I made ful muddamas out of canned fava beans. I've mentioned previously my strong love of fava, right? Pro tip: buy the canned beans. The one time I boiled and shelled fava beans, the dish did not come out nearly as creamy, and it took 3 times as long to make. I had very tired fingers after all that shelling.

This Sweet Loren's take and bake cookie dough has been on my watch list for months now (according to this tweet, circa May 2018). While I've had store-bought vegan cookie dough before (Eat Pastry, and Just), those come in tubs. While Sweet Loren's is  pre-portioned cookies like Nestle Tollhouse. I like mine underdone, and these were super gooey and delicious.

I think all vegans preach about how life-changing cauliflower wings are. Just bake some florets and toss with your favorite hot sauce and vegan butter. These were incredible. However, I tried Hilary's ranch chia dressing for the first time. I was totally disappointed at how thick and gloopy it was. I had a really difficult time getting it out of the bottle even though I shook it vigorously...for several minutes. The taste was fine, good even, but the globby texture is a hard pass for me.

My find of the week was the Daiya duets yogurt. The yogurt is vanilla bean flavored and thicker, almost with the consistency of a Greek yogurt. The add-ins included coconut and mini chocolate chips and the end product tasted so much like cookie dough. Spot on! I would love this for a healthier dessert or a super sweet breakfast.