Something I Tried: Gold Emblem Gummy Bears

I found out about vegan gummy bears on the market from Twitter, my breaking news source. These ones are from the CVS store brand, gold emblem. The shelf price was listed at $2.99, which was a lot more expensive than their other candy, but when I checked out they came up half off. I thought this was a vegan tax, but come to find out, these are no ordinary gummy bears...they're fancy bears imported from France. 

The bears come in red, orange, yellow, light yellow, and green. The ingredients list natural orange and lemon with other natural flavors. I'm guessing the other flavors are lime, pineapple, and unidentifiable berry...but I can't be sure. For comparison, the original Haribo flavors (nonvegan) are lemon, orange, pineapple, raspberry and strawberry. 

To do a proper assessment of these gummies, we must analyze both the chew and the flavor. I've had some vegan gummies where your teeth just sink in, and there's almost no chewiness at all. This is not that. These gummies have a definite bite and some springiness. However, it still doesn't quite mimic the real chewiness of gelatin-based gummies (yes, it's been 17 years...but I remember this experience distinctly). It's one of the best vegan gummies I've had in terms of chew, but I've still yet to have one that nailed it. The flavors are good, and they do indeed taste natural instead of artificial. My favorite are the lemon, which are bright and not too sweet. Overall, these are a delicious candy that I will certainly buy again (and may even try their sour version).