Something I Tried: Sprouts Vegan Pesto

I love when a product is emblazoned with the word vegan on the front! I don't even have to pick it up and read the ingredients on the back. That's living the good life, my plant-based friends.

I was sort of hesitant to buy pesto in a jar because I think a pesto should be super fresh, just like the delicious kale pesto from Trader Joe's (see when I tried it here). This pesto has some interesting ingredients besides the traditional basil: potatoes, tofu, and cashews. I tossed this on some warm pasta and gave it a go. It had a great herbiness with a subtle creaminess. I've never met a pesto I didn't like, and this one hits the mark. While it's delicious on pasta or as a sandwich spread, I'd still prefer something a little fresher.