Tonight I Dined: Black Twig Cider House

Adjacent to the Duke University hospital in Durham is Black Twig Cider House, a unique spot offering hundreds of ciders (by the glass or bottle) and some bar bites. On the menu is a vegan sausage sandwich, or you could also create-your-own with a selection of toppings and sauces. I opted for the pre-made Slack Ma Girdle with pickled collards, peppers, caramelized onions, and spicy mustard on a thick bun. The sausage was apple sage, so I'm thinking it was Field Roast brand.

The sandwich was delicious although a little hard to eat because it was filled to the brim (good, I'm getting mah money's worth). The collards were my favorite part and had a nice balance of sour and a bitter. The chips were excellent...I have never been wronged by a thin, crispy, housemade chip. However there were a few pitfalls of the sandwich: the bread was dry and fell apart a little, and the peppers were advertised as spicy, but just seemed like regular red bell peppers to me.

Overall, this is a great place with a solid vegan option and lots of fancy fermented apple drinks. They also host trivia on Mondays, which is one of my favorite grab your friends and head to the cider house if that's your thing!